Christian Charity – Selfless Giving And Love In The Bible

Christian Charity – Selfless Giving And Love In The Bible

The word “charity” has taken on a different meaning. Today “charity” pretty much means giving something to someone desperately in need. When you think of the word “charity”, you imagine lines of poor people on the street, or folks whose homes were destroyed by a fire or hurricane, begging for food and clothing and anything you could give. That’s what people think about when the think about being charitable these days.

But the Bible, the word “charity” has a completely different meaning. In the Bible, charity means simply loving others in the name of Jesus Christ, extending out a helping hand to those who can’t help themselves in their situations.

But some people tend to take things differently. Others like to think being charitable is not being Christian, because spoon feeding was never God’s way of teaching Man to learn to survive for himself. Some people, those on the receiving end, tend to feel low and inferior when receiving charity. There’s never a lack of opinions or sides to hear on the topic of Christian charity.

But think about it. Don’t you think it’s simply your pride talking? It is a Christian trait to give without expecting to receive, and when you’re being given help in order to be able to stand up from a desperate situation, why would you choose to see the act as un-Christian-like?

You have a choice to see charity as something positive or negative. Why go with the latter when you could easily believe in the former?

Some examples of charitable acts in the Bible:
1. Manna rained from the sky – Manna raining from the sky is an act of charity by God Himself. While His people were hungry in the desert, God made the sky rain manna, or bread, in order to feed His people.

2. The crucifixion of Christ – The greatest act of charity is to give one’s life in order to save another, and that is exactly what Jesus showed Man when he gave his own life in order to save us from our sins.

Simply put, charity is a Christian virtue. Charity is giving in times of need without expecting anything in return, and that trait is something that ought to be found in all Christians around the world regardless of denomination. If you can give, give. If you are in the position to receive, receive in good faith and don’t feel inferior about yourself. We all need a little help sometimes. That’s what makes us human beings.

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