Our Church


Winds of winners deliverance ministries is a non-denominational, Spirit-filled Church of God founded under the instructions of the holy spirit and was inaugurated on Sept 29,2012, by Pastor Evelyn Ugbogbo Winds of the Winners is a full Gospel ministry dedicated highly for deliverance from the powers of darkness.

The ministry is a symbolic lampstand to carries the name and the work of God throughout the world in other to sets the captives free from spiritual bondage. Jesus said Gods people are lamps called to carry the light of the divine presence in spiritual dark places of the world (Matthew 5:14-16). Jesus is the light of the world.


Therefore, thus says the Lord God: I will cause a stormy wind to break forth in my fury to consume it. (Ezekiel 13:13)

So, I will kindle a fire in the wall of Rabbah and it will consume her citadels, amid way cries on the day of battle, and the storm of the tempest. (Amos 1:14)

Their scripture is powerful to us all, the citadels refer to the assemblies of men. The fortified towers with steepled and stained glass are where people go and are given a false peace and security. Babylon will be subject to burning as those spiritual winds intensify and God releases them in his full fury. Judgement begins at the house of God so those that call themselves Christians can repent and turn back to the lord before the door to the ark is shut on them at the last day. So, my brothers and sisters where do you belonging your Christian race?

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to reach the outermost parts of the world taking the name of our Lord Jesus Christ to the highest by teaching of the doctrine of the holy spirit for who are sold to sins (Romans8)

We are here to preach the gospel of the truth to all nations and all parts of the world. The world says “Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. “Our purpose is built under the finish work of our Lord Jesus Christ who came on a mission of mercy and mission of evangelism, to save you and me from sins. Our purpose is to be like him. We will share his passions and seek to save others who don’t know him through his salvation and his great passion to humankind seeking souls to be saved through his name Jesus Christ. In Acts 10 Cornelius was instructed by an angel to send for Peter so that Cornelius could know the way of salvation. We are called by Jesus to teach the people the way of salvation here on earth. Philippians 2:6-8″Jesus left the comforts of heaven and the adoration and worship of the angels to come here in the likeness of men humbling himself and emptying himself and became obedient even to the point of death. Jesus Christ has total lordship over the creation and the congregation of the saints. Jesus Christ is actively present in the affairs of the world and his churches. Our goal is to help the communities evolve spiritually and to save the lost souls. Winds of the Winners deliverance ministries is a genuine center of refuge for those who need spiritual guidance and relief. Our community needs deliverance, especially now, more than ever.


Our vision is to share the gospel of Jesus with others and to win souls into the kingdom of heaven.

Our vision is to deliver people out of sins and bondage and to make heaven. Our vision is to break fears out of the life of people and make a positive spiritual impact on life, families, communities and live a happy, victorious life in Jesus Christ.

To help them identify their God-given gifts and talents that God has created them to be. Our vision is to let people know that every person has a purpose and a God-given gift to carry out the will of God out in your life. Our vision is to bring lights into their depraved life that will shine before all men through Christ Jesus. Our vision is to teach revelation message to those who are lost in their faith and the fulfilment of his prophecies of His Word is also to teach people the spiritual security of being in Christ is guaranteed

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