Deliverance Lists


  1. Individuals conceived in adultery or fornication.
  2. Individuals whose parents contemplated an abortion.
  3. Individuals given up for adoption.
  4. Individuals abandoned by one or more parents.
  5. Individuals who were orphans.
  6. Individuals who have been abused as children.
  7. Individuals raped or molested.
  8. Individuals whose mothers had a difficult pregnancy.
  9. Individuals whose mothers had a long and hard labor.
  10. Individuals who almost died during the first few years of life.
  11. Individuals who had imaginary playmates during childhood because of loneliness. (This is often familiar spirit.)
  12. Individuals who have been chronically ill all their lives.
  13. Individuals who have suffered from handicaps from childhood.
  14. Individuals exposed to pornography early in life.
  15. Individuals who saw something traumatic such as murder or a fatal accident.
  16. Individuals who grew up in a war zone.
  17. Individuals who have been ridiculed all their lives.
  18. Individuals who ran away from home early in life.
  19. Individuals who have been depressed (chronically).
  20. Individuals diagnosed as manic depressant or schizophrenic.
  21. Individuals who have had learning disabilities.
  22. Individuals who have been incarcerated.
  23. Individuals whose parent(s) were alcoholics.
  24. Individuals whose parents went through a divorce or separation.
  25. Individuals whose parents argued and fought in the home.
  26. Individuals who are angry or bitter with their parents, brothers, or sisters.
  27. Individuals exposed to drugs at an early age.
  28. Individuals who are homosexual or lesbian or were introduced to these lifestyles during some point in their lives.
  29. Individuals with a history of sexual perversion in their bloodline (adultery, rape, incest, etc.)
  30. Individuals who have been accident-prone all their lives.
  31. Individuals with a history of poverty in their lives or families.
  32. Individuals who engaged in lifestyles of cheating, robbing, theft.
  33. Individual who are chronic gamblers or spendthrifts.
  34. Individuals who are addicted to alcohol, drugs, nicotine, or food.
  35. Individuals who are afraid of being alone.
  36. Individuals who are afraid of leaving the house.
  37. Individuals who are extremely uncomfortable around people.
  38. Individuals who are intensely jealous of others.
  39. Individuals who hate certain groups of people (i.e., Jews, Blacks, Whites, Hispanics, etc.).
  40. Individuals who were ever involved with the occult.
  41. Individuals with a history of freemasonry in their families.
  42. Individuals who have attended a séance.
  43. Individuals who are attracted to, or have gone to readers, advisors, and psychics.
  44. Individuals who were involved in marital arts.
  45. Individuals who involved in yoga or transcendental meditation.
  46. Individuals who were involved in a false religion.
  47. Individuals who were involved in an abortion.
  48. Individuals who have gone through a divorce, separation, or a bad relationship.
  49. Individuals who were ever controlled by their parents, or any other person or group of people.
  50. Individuals who have chronic headaches or mental confusion.
  51. Individuals who have a difficult time reading the Bible or praying.
  52. Individuals who have a difficult time attending church.
  53. Individuals who have a difficult time worshipping or praising God.
  54. Individuals who hate being touched by people.
  55. Individuals who are afraid of trusting people or getting close to people.

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